They are the most popular item of clothing but also more discussed by women. Are leggings , tights substitutes, considered almost like the pants. That is, almost, because they are absolutely pants! Comfortable and practical, are one of the pieces that never fails in every woman’s wardrobe. But do you know what are the coolest models of winter 2014?

Every season has its trends , patterns and colors that invade the field of fashion. We are sure that many of you have a shirt in the closet, which must be white to be classic, but those are all the rage this year in pictures so why have them escape? The same goes for leggings. It’s okay to have one black, but why not something more daring with fashion according to the trends of the season? For you we have identified several, many of which feature trendy patterns , that just can not miss. What matters is how you wear them. We recommend, therefore, take them with oversized sweaters or mini dress short, with leggings your butt must also be covered, just as with the tights!


The first that we show are undoubtedly the most special things we’ve discovered. They are both Asos and enhanced by these fantasies that recall the colors of yellow and brown. The first model on the left has a black base, however, characterized by fantasies of jewelry baroque gold. The second, however, is enhanced by the texture animal for which have been spotted on the letters, vaguely reminiscent of musical notes.

The second selection the signature H & M is the first model from the party, completely covered with sequins black, while the latter is definitely more vintage fashion, characterized by rose colored on the basis of color denim.

And the paintings really like the big chains of fashion, so much so that there is also propose Stradivarius , who chose a variation in shades of navy blue and forest green. The second choice is a plot tapestry , or floral tapestry that brings us back to the 70s.

What do you think of these new models? They are comfortable and colorful clothing and also inexpensive, with which you can vary in look so low cost. Did you already chosen, then, your next trendy leggings for winter 2014?