As a teenage we always want to looks beautiful from head to toe especially when it comes to fashion. We want to follow the trend but we have to also remember that we need our own style so we would look beautiful and stand out from the other teenage. There are many cute fashion styles for teenage girls that we could use to make our appearance more beautiful. But remember that we have to choose one that we like and we are comfortable with because when we are comfortable then we could be more confident with our self and that would influence the way that we carry our self.

We could find many cute fashion styles for teenage girls in this article that we could try to follow to make our appearance more beautiful, such as:

  1. Preppy cute fashion styles for teenage girls

If we want to look more sophisticated and chic then the preppy style is the one that we looking for. Preppy style will make us look smart and sophisticated. Wear a polo shirt or a sweater with v neck and add some blazer to finish it with a simple look but trendy. We could use plaid pattern or stripe pattern to create more attractive look. For the bottom part use a skirt or short with khaki color. Use flat shoes or even heels with knee high socks with matching color with the shirt that you wear. If we want to wear any accessories try to wear one that is simple but chic like watch, and glasses.

  1. Bohemian cute fashion styles for teenage girls

Bohemian style is inspired by the hippie’s style but with more modern touch. The bohemian style is simple but stylish with many natural and cozy feelings that are perfect with many teenage that looking for more simple but attractive style. In the bohemian style we should use any natural colors such as brown, black, crème, pink, and any pastel color. For the top wear a blouse with pastel color and a vest with darker color tone. For the bottom part use prairie skirt that floating with the matching color with the vest that we wearing and combine it with a pair of tight that have softer color tone. Use some boots for our foot wear such as high boots, ankle high boots, etc.

  1. Emo cute fashion styles for teenage girls

This cute fashion styles for teenage girls is a new trend that we could find used by many teenage girl. With the emo style we could use any kinds of outfits with black color base, then add some bright color accent. The color that we could use usually are bright electric color such as shocking pink, neon blue, green, yellow, etc. Because the emo style has many influences from the Japanese culture then we could use any accessories that has many manga or anime character such as hello kitty, kero keroppi, keroro gunzo, doraemon, piyo piyo and many other cute anime and manga character. We could use it as character in our accessories such as hair pins, hair bands, necklace, rings, watch, earrings, bracelet, and any other cute accessories that we could find.