The winter 2013 makeup more sensual and refined based on one of the most classic contrasts of color and love, red and black. Scarlet lips to make seductive and intriguing look and black powder to give depth to the look and magnetism. In the cold season to make up the back door to play with classic colors such as red and black to restore vigor and luster to the pure and elegant femininity. The red of passion and the black of darkness back to being two shades to be used in pairs to create a unique look and noteworthy. Let’s find out in what ways you can combine these shades to create a seductive makeup and three chic.

Makeup red and black

The red and black are perfect shade to combine with each other to create tricks seducing a high level of elegance. Red lips are open to many interpretations and depending on the eye makeup is combined that may be more or less elegant and more or less obvious. If you love makeup from day refined and important we suggest you bet on a red lipstick with a satin finish to combine with a smokey eyes light made ​​with a simple pencil very nuanced, if you love the look rock flecked lips in red lipstick to warm them slightly and emphasized the look by carrying out a smokey eyes using an eye shadow creamy white. Evening is the time when the combinations of black and red give the best.


The classic combo black eyeliner and red lipstick can be played key elegant to be attractive without overdoing or can be brought to the extreme with a lipstick red lacquer and a cat eyeliner dramatic. To have a look sensual and intense we suggest to combine a matte finish lipstick red lacquer with an intense smokey eyes made ​​of black opaque powders to make it more theatrical and chic, but if you love the look vamp we advise you to bet on a dramatic burgundy lipstick combined with a stretch of black eyeliner faded acculturation eyelashes.