The area around the eyes is one of the parts of the face that made the signs of aging more quickly visible. That is why we care as the skin with a good anti wrinkle cream it is important to use eye contour that moisturizes the skin of this area and help to have a brighter and younger look. In this article, we show how to apply the eye contour correctly since the effectiveness of treatment depends largely on how we apply it on the skin. To apply the eye area you must first make a good facial cleanser that includes as always the application of a cleanser toner and moisturizer. Clean skin absorbs perfectly all products so you should not forget this step.


Try also applying some eye contour in the area in which usually form the crow’s feet to prevent their occurrence or mitigate them. Women with eye bags are advisable to apply the eye area with small dabs from the outside in and not in another direction in order to stop this retention. Instead, they do not have eye bags is preferable to apply the eye contour in the opposite direction, ie from the inside out. This is the skin stimulates and get yourself gradually reduce fine lines.

The skin around the eyes should be applied both morning and night, after cleansing routine. So in the morning, in addition to moisturize the area we will fight typical swelling of the eyes when we just wake up; and at night, we will bring to the facial skin the hydration it needs after having been exposed to all kinds of external aggression during the day.

In addition to paying attention to your age to choose the best eye area to keep the area beautiful and young, you should also notice your skin type. In the market, you will find countless creams for the eye area with special formulas for dry, oily or sensitive skin so it is imperative to select the cosmetic that suits the needs of your skin to avoid counterproductive effects.