After enjoying a well-deserved vacation, whether you went to the beach or the mountain your skin exposed to sunlight. Although you have taken special care during your enjoyment in nature, you will surely notice some small changes in it. Although you do not believe it, the use of sunscreens clogs your pores. Your skin with Saturates elements takes away their natural shine and beauty. It is then that recovering your skin becomes necessary.

care of your face

Facial cleansing: the first step to recover your skin

The skin of your face is more sensitive to the ravages of nature is the most prone to the elements that clog the pores. Therefore, you must oxygenate it so that the cells can regenerate more quickly. Therefore, starting with a good facial cleansing is of great importance. A good exfoliating cream is the main thing. Because with it you eliminate the dead, cells of your skin prepare it for later hydration. For which the use of moisturizing masks is the best option since with them you help your skin to create Collagen. That is responsible for the elasticity of your skin, keeping it firm and smooth, preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

An important fact to get a wonderful skin is with the correct use of masks. Because there are masks in gel, fabric, cream, and each of them act differently. It can leave acting all the night favoring the absorption of the assets for more time. Another fact to pay attention to is the composition of the assets that they contain. Being the ones of my preference the facial creams that obtained in stores of natural cosmetics. They are ecological, giving a greater balance to the skin.

The facial serum and creams day and night

After completing your deep facial cleansing, you should remember that continuity in the routine of skin care is vital. The use of creams for day and night should be part of that routine. Will you wonder what this is? Well, the facial serum is just a serum (as the name implies) that contains a high concentration of active in an aqueous. It allows your skin a greater absorption to reach the innermost layers of your skin.

That makes it your great ally when it comes to attacking those small flaws that have caused by the summer (spots, small wrinkles, among others). It recommended using it in small doses before applying the day or night creams. Use the different types of facial creams after the summer in the stages. That we have mentioned and you will see how shortly you will have a glowing skin.