It is always good that you consent to a change of look. Take into account the shape of your face, so that when selecting the cut you like, go perfect with it. There are several types of face shape here we will talk about the most common: square face, round face, oval face and heart.

shape of your face

Square face

The square-faced girls are those whose jaws are very marked their foreheads are wide and large their jaws are large. Consider square style haircuts to make your jaws stand out. The asymmetric cuts go very well. If you use the section in the middle, it favors your face to stylize your face. An ideal hairstyle for you can wear curls below the jaw.

Oval face

It is the face of ideal balance. The forehead and chin maintain a good balance with each other. In this case, you can choose any type of long or short cut. The shape of your face allows you to use layers at the level of the cheeks to highlight your lips and chin.

Round face

The main characteristic of this type of face is that its length in width is very similar to its length in length. To improve your features, opt for degraded haircuts. You can leave your long hair starting from the height of your shoulders degraded. Avoid very short hairstyles.

Face in the shape of a heart

It is something like an inverted triangle. The forehead is broad, as are the cheekbones as well and the chin ends in a point. It is something similar to the round face, so it is advisable to lengthen the features. Long and smooth haircut are very good option. Bring your long hair and add some curls at the end, also help the perception of your face lengthen. For you, it is also recommended to use bangs. Say goodbye to stress by doing yoga, and burn fat at the same time


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