Think of a tattoo couple is in itself a challenge. The tattoo is in its deepest meaning the sense of definitive. Fear? But no! Because love is not love only if it lasts a lifetime, love is love even if it lasts a few years or even better if friendship or any other relationship sincere. At the end he was right Roland Barthes when with a simple sentence specified the significance of this is not seen as a continuous and inevitable fate of becoming past history: By what this judge our past. Holy words that seem to justify everything but actually give more value to existence the News this. The tattoo can be thought of as definitive, the idea of the laser as the final output is uncertain and partial.

Found the meaning and proper motivation anything can stop a pair convinced mark forever. So to get a tattoo couple must decide together the meantime, find in the lattice of the memories that bind the two poles together in a couple something intimate and meaningful. An original idea in vogue today is the text of a song or a poem written on the skin with a special character, or a small writing with the date and name, but not too classic and prisoner.


Subjects for a tattoo in evergreen couple are heartbroken painted half each, like the rings of power Shannan that together give the names of both respectively tattooed on one and other and other designs shown always together and divided among the members of the couple. Another plausible solution is burned the exact same tattoo with a meaningful symbol or design that appeals to both with maybe written below, in miniature, the name of the partner or friend. After finding inspiration and deciding on the subject, a recommendation may seem obvious that it is unnecessary: ​​look to the tattoo artist expert and especially tools with professional and attentive to hygiene.

A very nice category of tattoos to do in couple is very much in vogue in recent years as the fashion of tattoos has spread to many young couples with children. Tattooing the name or the picture of the son or daughter, date of birth and a unique memory still tied to the unborn child. but the best solution is always the originality and then choose the subject of the drawing to be painted on the skin from their experience of life. For example, your favorite beverage, one drawing a hand holding a bottle and tilted to empty the contents and the other or the other of the same drink the cup marked ridge of liquid loved. Applies to soft drinks, champagne, liquors or spirits, so also the face of Janis Joplin singing a song on her and on him the words of the song. So there is something for everyone, but I recommend you choose something that really will last forever.