From butterflies to flowers to various decorations, there are many feminine tattoos that are required by girls to adorn their bodies. Although it may not have a precise meaning, the tattoo is also used as a competitive, something to be put on display to say: “My tattoo is better than yours. The parts of the body for the most popular tattoo beautiful are the feet and back.

Butterflies: the simple tattoos can sometimes be more beautiful than tattoos big and complicated . A butterfly, for example, is a symbol of delicacy and gracefulness and women generally are tattooed this insect on foot or on the back. The butterfly is often used to indicate a birth and arrival are just mums to statuary sidelines.

Dream catcher Indians more and more girls and women choose as a first tattoo a “dream catcher” Indian. The best locations are the arm and back to the form taken by the tattoo. The Indians catcher to give the new born baby, so protecting them from bad dreams and good luck. Precisely because of this, even in the West broke out of Dream catcher mania, it is true that tattooed.


Doll Tattoo : they are strictly feminine tattoos that depict dolls and caricatures of them. Suitable for those who love tattoos complex, medium-large and dyes, doll tattoo can express the femininity of those who are tattooed and sometimes the subject chooses to be represented in the form of a doll to have a tattoo on your back or arms.

Stars : a classic tattoos are the stars. They can take various meanings: from magic to happiness to the family. Much more than before, in fact, the stars are associated with members of the family, as they were once (but still is) the branches of peach. Also the number of tips has a meaning. The stars are the most tattooed with 5 points, which is the form found in nature, and the 9-pointed in the Scandinavian tradition, is the creator goddess .

Tattoos with animals: these tattoos often depict animals such as tigers, lions, wolves and other animals that express courage and strength. Sometimes, however, are also used more delicate animals such as dolphins, cats and ladybugs.

The flower: even the flowers are among the tattoos classics The most popular are the lotus flowers that express beauty and prosperity, cherry blossoms, which express purity, and the peach blossoms that indicate the family.

Fairies : Fairies are often associated with flowers or stars, and they symbolize the various gifts that you would like to receive from them. In the ancient traditions of the fairies are unseen forces that guide us and accompany us during our journey.

So, by doing the flowers, the stars, the animals, the types of tattoos are theoretically infinite. You just have to choose the one most suitable to our tastes and we would like to always have on our skin!