The large earrings turn out to be flashy accessories and original, so it is important to combine them with a somewhat whimsical look. To wear these extra models of earrings, you have to adapt them to the rest of the outfit, and in an appropriate manner. Here then, are some practical tips on how to wear big earrings.

Bracelets and necklaces are usually worn at the wrists and above the clothes, resulting proportionate even if not perfectly in tune with each other and with the clothing. The earrings instead, they must have at least a mention of color matching dress, to be well-matched. It’s basically a precise rule, which should be complied with to avoid mistakes.


However, this rule has an exception, because if you are wearing a piece of clothing color neutral in this case, the earrings can become the main accessories of all personal look . If we want to dress with a sweater beige or gray trousers, a pair of long earrings up to the shoulders, they are ideal to brighten up the whole look. Wear big earrings and even precious only on special occasions, it means using those emerald waterfall or sapphires, which are good for an evening look. If you intend to wear earrings with feathers occasionally, these unfortunately are difficult to manage and keep them clean, so it is preferable to use them when there are beautiful days of sun or the rain or the wind carry them away. Women who have more holes per lobe, can also combine different types of earrings between large and small.

In this case, a look satisfactory may be that if you use those to be applied to the button in the upper holes, and type of pendant over the lower. In this way, you can enjoy both without stepping on each other. Also, the earrings when they are old enough, you may want to bring hair tied in such a way that stand out better and give Moreover, with the facial features of the face. Who uses big earrings, especially those with sharp edges (square or diamond) or pendants, must however be careful as they tend to get caught easily in scarves and hats, so to avoid this, it is best to use a silky smooth fabric type, more suited to so you are not forced to give a trendy look.