The skirt is one of the clothing symbol of the feminine revolution in the fashion industry and the affirmation of women in society in general. Since the fashion designer Mary Quant he consecrated fame and popularity in the sixties, it has continued for decades to fill the wardrobes of thousands of young girls, adapting to new trends and fabrics popular, like denim. Just the denim miniskirt, due to its versatility, it has become over the years a must for the fashion-addicted: they all have at least one. But how to match it ? Here are some tips to be trendy without excesses .

In spite of its name, a short skirt too “mini” can be inconvenient and even vulgar. What then is the right length ? Mid-thigh to the very young, a few inches above the knee for those approaching thirty, absolutely not recommended for over forty. A skirt is too short to be avoided at all ages : keep in mind that once seated, the skirt will shorten again and would really inappropriate to show in addition to the legs too intimate!


What to wear on? Since the denim miniskirt is already quite flashy, avoid plunging necklines provocative or mesh with bright colors . Opt for a form-fitting shirt or a simple tank top and you will be certain not to be vulgar. In any case, always remember one cardinal rule: when you decide to show a part of the body (legs in the case of the miniskirt), better cover other areas ranging from the waist up. Conversely, if you are wearing pants, a green light to sexy top and sides strapless.

Normally the mini-skirt in denim is a leader widely used in Summer In recent years, however, just like jeans, are worn very often during the winter. But attention to tights ! Absolutely prohibited self-standing : Choose opaque tights or even better you opt for leggings The teenagers can have fun with brightly colored tights (striped, patterned and even polka dots), perhaps with matching sweater and accessories.

And now the shoes. Yes to the heels : highlight the body’s silhouette and are happy to make a sleeker head itself sports such as denim miniskirt. For under 20, yes even the tennis shoes in combination with t-shirts printed and Tank Tops cheeky. Discussion for the dancers, permitted only for those who have a slender body and legs rather skinny .