The underskirt is a leader of women’s underwear widely used in past centuries. Just think of the eighteenth century when the clothes had become so large as to be able to get their hands on her hips. However, even today, is used not only to give support to dresses and skirts, but also to help them fit gently on the body by harmonizing our curves. Here is a guide that shows you underskirt which is best suited to you and your outfit.


Materials for petticoats are generally divided into rigid materials, such as nylon and tulle, and softer materials such as chiffon and organza. The rigid materials are used to support, especially in the winter, skirts made ​​with heavy fabrics, while the others are ideal for those who want to have a softer touch. That Microfiber is a valuable aid in the mini dress.



Can choose the color of the petticoat that matches the dress or skirt, or if you are undecided on the color you choose, take it definitely white: the black and other colors could be glimpsed under skirts lighter and the white are ideal for both light and dark skirts.


The volume of this chapter depends on individual tastes. However, I would advise anyone who has a slender little figure to choose an underskirt of a soft material, a little bulky and not very wide.


“5 cm shorter than the skirt”: this is the standard law for the length of the underskirt. An even more length below might give a bad shape our clothing. We add, however, that this rule can be broken: the idea that sees lace spilling out from a shorter skirt is cute and original.


Let’s move on to the form. We make a distinction between various types of skirts. For heavy skirts decorated with many materials around the waist is fine a voluminous, for those flat sides is ideal, however, that from a little book, and for the long skirts are obviously preferable, of course, long petticoats , then there are those that give volume only on the back (in the style a little ‘Victorian-called “bustle skirt”). Useful, in our opinion, the petticoats in stretch fabric and containment that are able to adhere to our body in a graduated and allow us to wear a tight dress without being noticed! Finally, we mention those intimate, to be used, that is, in their own right with a pair of leggings.

Do not forget that the petticoat (“petticoats” in English), it is crucial for the wedding dress. Petticoats organza, crinoline, with or without one or more circles circle, long, short, edged in satin, with flounces , curled, decorated, decorated, there is something for all tastes, all for the sole purpose of supporting our puffy skirts and make us feel real princesses. To each wedding dress you have to choose the right petticoat suits your needs, adapted to the forms and structures of the dress, to enhance the details. The petticoat helps the dress to fit gently on the body of the bride, harmonizing the curves and making each dress perfect for the bride who wears it.