The fashion is known is really capricious, in recent years most of the designers have focused their ideas taking advantage of the skirts and shorts. Today, however, the trend changes and return to the catwalk her masters the long dresses. The cuts takes advantage of the forms of the wearer. Contrary to what you might think, the clothes that the modern cuts are well suited to each event such as social events or to be worn with ease all day. Let us see how to match a long dress.


When you think about a long dress , you might mistakenly think of something very challenging, only suitable for certain occasions, but if we can find the right combinations , this choice will prove to be a real winner. First of all we should think about the cut of being definitely very special, we should think of a model that is well suited to our physical, so we rely on a very simple model, with clean lines. As for the shoes , certainly those indicated more could prove a high heel , not overly elegant, maybe accompanied by a small wedge , as regards the color should not certainly deviate much from that of the dress, in each case a light color and neutral would be fine.

Other accessories that could make our new look really young could be the bag. The model naturally big possibly lead to very casually slung over your shoulder. Also in this case the color should not differ much from that of the dress, it would be great pairing with the shoes. If we are lovers of jewelry, we could wear necklaces made ​​simple bill of materials such as wood or plastic.

Instead it totally changes if we want to wear long dresses need to attend an important event. In this case the cut of will be sought from cutting soft and made ​​important tissues, such as the silk with decorative lace or satin. Colors can be the most different , since it will serve for a time of celebration, we would not have certain limitations so that the colors will be shown accompanied by particularly gaudy rhinestone decorations. Keeping in mind the type of event , you might opt for plunging necklines that leave the back completely bare, then we could combine a shawl features elegant as cover. As for the shoes, in this case we should necessarily rely on elegant models, the high heel is a must. Even the bag must have a completely different shape, based in this case only on small clutch in neutral colors such as black. To frame definitely should not miss gems such as small earrings, chokers possibly made ​​from crystal bright. Also depending on the type of event we could think of wearing gloves of variable length in naturally dyed with the dress.