You are outgoing and have not yet made its mind on what to wear? Here are some suggestions for the right clothing for the last minute holidays to the sea.

Almost never happens, but if it’s trouble. Especially in economic times like this that we are experiencing, especially when those leaving for a nice vacation is considered super lucky, you almost never have to escape the fly to move towards a goal Navy without having organized it all before. But if it happens? Here, of course, that if anything were to happen out of the blue invite you for a weekend to spend at sea and have no time to pack your bag , maybe you need some advice, so avoid forgetting something. In our set we have included certain items of clothing and accessories that will surely be using once it has arrived at your destination. Let’s see what to pack for your summer holiday last minute.


So, first of all, if you go to the sea, you absolutely can not forget the swimsuit . For you in this set we chose a lovely model suitable for all women of Triumph . For the young ones are recommended the shorts, the ones with the stars in the set sign them Tezenis, otherwise bets on the caftan , colorful and bubbly as that of Tory Burch, which you can use until evening. flops yes, but with style, then try with a model jewel, like what you see here made ​​by Never No More. On the beach can not miss the sunglasses (here those of Ray-Ban ) and a towel, once again with the stars, always signed Tezenis.

True, they are beach holidays, then a complete elegant may seem unnecessary but it is never true! And if you invite, always last minute, to a fancy dinner? Betting on black and go on the safe side. In fact, we have selected for you a convenient and simple sheath dress black Liu Jo, who combine a beautiful bijoux maxi, like this necklace Etro, a black clutch , which is always a must, and conclude all with the sandals blacks, the most beautiful I have, in this case we chose Jimmy Choo . All clear? Are you ready? Now you’ll never have to fear the beach holidays last minute. Ps never forget a toiletry bag with your make-up products and favorite sunscreen!