As a modern man, you probably consider yourself both versatile and stylish, and you may also have a certain refinement and ruggedness which is characteristic of many men today. You can see yourself as a strong person with a strong personality in your profession, but you can also see yourself as sensitive and kind, especially when the occasion calls for it.

Today, a lot of men put an emphasis on how they project themselves, not just to their colleagues and partners, but also to their friends and family. If you want to exude the right amount of confidence and panache and give the right impression, you should know that the suit you wear can make a vast difference. Yes, you can always get something off the rack and ready to wear, but would you really want to? Here are the top reasons why it’s always better to wear bespoke suits.

1.) The enhanced quality

If you wear suits on a regular basis, regardless of if it’s for work or going out, you know very well how a low quality, ready to wear suit can, well, wear out. Ready to wear suits are produced in bulk, so quality and attention to detail are not really that much of a priority in their production – and it shows after only a short period of time.

The elbows and knees can get worn, the stitching can loosen, the colours can easily fade. With bespoke suits, you can select from a range of hiqh-quality materials and fabrics which will not wear out or lose their shape. Combine this with a skilled bespoke tailor who can understand your own requirements and preferences, and you can indeed get a suit that’s perfect and made to last.

2.) The great fit

While some men will say that ready to wear suits aren’t too bad on their body, it still isn’t comparable to a bespoke suit which is made precisely according to your size, shape, and measurements. A suit that can fit you like a glove can speak volumes about how you value yourself and the impression you give to the world.

A tailored coat, for example, will be cut according to your measurements and will come with a reinforced canvas interior, which means that it will not ‘hang’ from your shoulders and make you look sloppy. The trousers will also be made and hemmed according to your leg length and cut to touch your shoe at the right length. With a good bespoke suit, you will look sleek and streamlined rather than sloppy and disheveled.

3.) The best in fashion and style

Many shops carry ready to wear suits that will look generic – in other words, they all look the same. Even though ready to wear suits can be a good reflection of various trends and styles, there’s still nothing like having your own style.

You can showcase your own preferences in fashion and the design of your suit and customise details such as lapel width, buttons, cuffs, vents, and plenty more. You can opt for a plain coloured suit or one with pinstripes or in a plaid pattern to show off your sense of fashion. You can be as classic as you want or as fashion-forward as possible – it’s really up to you.