Hand care reflects how the person you need to devote special care to the hands, just as you do with the rest of the body. Recently, it is well established the technique of applying the gel on nails to harden and promote the growth, avoiding to loose. Thanks to the rays of an appropriate UV lamp, the gel will harden, assuming the appearance and texture of a fingernail true. The gels used are odorless and do not contain any irritating or toxic, leave no residue and no need to switch to filing because they are almost always self-leveling. Thanks to appropriate containers, you can also get an accurate dose of gel without unnecessary waste. The end result is great and offers the possibility of having nails always perfect!

You must know your nails to make an application in gel which respects the characteristics. Nails are made ​​up of several layers, called plates. Their horny substance consists primarily of keratin, a protein that gives strength and elasticity to the nail. There are different kinds of nails: square, wide, oval, pointed and round. On three sides, the nail is closed by a portion of the skin that defines the range of nail and allows us to identify the three parts that make up the nail: the root, the body or foil and the free edge. The root is located under the skin, at the base of the nail; the body or foil is the portion of the nail that rests on the range of nail: is visible between the root and the free edge and is made ​​up of layers of keratin hardened. The free edge , however, is part of the nail that extends after the rampart nail. The cuticles , finally, are positioned in the lower part of the nail cuticle.


The products needed for a perfect application of the gel are: a UV lamp, which allows the hardening of the gel; a specific UV gel; a cleaner, which is used to remove the layer sticky released from the gel after reconstruction; a primer, which increases the adhesion of UV gel on the natural nail, especially in cases of great natural nails particularly fat, a roll of wipes, that once soaked in cleaner cleanse the nail without leaving lint sticks orange, to be used both as push cuticles, both to remove excess gel from the nail; of files; a buffer, a sort of “white brick” that serves to opacity the nail); a professional brush to spread the gel carefully. Before the application of the gel, you have to prepare the nail, taking care to push the cuticles inwards with the help of a stick of orange .

Later, pacified natural nails with a file, if you use 100-grit side (the side with the finer grain) pass the file on the nail until it perfectly opaque. Carefully clean the nails with a brush to remove the dust that will be created using the file. If you do not have available a toothbrush, you can turn your nails under the water, remembering to dry thoroughly, however, because if your nails are wet gel application will be difficult. Finally, switch on your nails a cotton soaked in cleaner to remove any layers of enamel or external agents that may prevent adhesion of the gel.

Now you can proceed to the application itself of the gel. Spend a layer of primer on the nail , and then left to dry in the lamp for 30 seconds. Once dried, passed a thin layer of gel and let it dry in lamp for 120 seconds. After cure the gel in the lamp, the nail has formed a layer of sticky which for the moment is not to be removed. Spend another layer of gel more often than those applied previously and let cure in UV lamp for 120 seconds. You should be very careful not to cover the cuticles or the skin of the fingers with UV gel, as this may cause the elevation and then the detachment from the nail UV gel, if this happens, simply remove it with a stick. Once cured lamp in the second layer of gel, you can remove the sticky layer that will be created with a swab cleaner , propagandize then the nail buffer. Now switch the line of french, the gel glitter or colored or whatever you want and then polymerize in the lamp for 120 seconds. Spend a final thin layer of gel to give shine, let cure in lamp for 120 seconds and decreased again with the cleaner to terminate the application.