Dear boys, well you have prepared for your skin to tan? Then you’re almost ready to go to the beach and show off your body. First, though, you should definitely find a sunscreen for you. If you are still unsure of what could be or if you simply do not know which brand to use, we suggest you take a look at the collection of solar Australian Gold and the collection of solar hypersensitive skin not missing much that an important piece to go to the beach or a bathing suit. We have already presented and discussed the collection of men’s swimwear Caledonia, made ​​for summer 2012, and in this article we want to tell you about the collection of costumes from Yamamay 2012.

The brand has created a wide selection of swimwear dedicated to him. A lot of models to choose from, many colors and fortissimo the fantasies. Here we go! This year are all the rage on the front of the men’s boxer shorts. Indeed, compared to past seasons summer and wanted the boxer long protagonists, there is a change in trend and the man prefers to tan more, be more practical and comfortable with the boxer shorts. It does not give even the color! In fact Yamamay proposes the model for man boxer short color block declined in shades of yellow, pink, orange and strawberry equipped with comfortable central zip.


If you like boxer shorts but prefer the plain version, do not worry, there are many. Yamamay has designed many boxer short solid color in different shades. If you prefer a little ‘more rigid you can find Yamamay from the classic black and white or colored yellow, turquoise and fuchsia, as you can see in the picture above. Or, you can bet on sports model, with elastic waist and curled popped up on the sides, available in orange, lime green and blue.

If you are still attached to their beloved boxer long Yamamay you satisfied with many models colorful and imaginative. Among these boxers with long tropical print in shades of blue and light blue, and turquoise pattern with sea-horses represented in white in contrast. particular also the floral pattern reminiscent of the colors of Jamaica.