The coats are the most exposed with regard to the personal look, in fact, may be of different types and should be handled and stored in an appropriate manner, to avoid damaging them if they undergo accidental stains. An example of outerwear are the jackets down jacket goose, classic coats and leather jackets. In regard to these three types of outerwear, we see therefore how to care for and make a good maintenance.

The outerwear such as goose down, should be treated in an appropriate manner, and absolutely not washed in the washing machine to avoid breakage of the external structure resulting in leakage of the precious and warm feathers. If you only need to remove dust and there are no stains, a good way is to wash it with water, which is diluted with pure ammonia and a rag it provides for a light and delicate rubbing on the sleeves, neck and the rest of the quilt. As an alternative to ammonia, you can always use diluted in water (but without worrying about the dosage) of sodium bicarbonate which has an excellent sanitizing, decreasing and slightly abrasive, ideal to thoroughly clean the outer fibers that compose . As for the perfect preservation after washing, just use plastic bags to put them under vacuum, or in which the cellophane wrap before storing them in the closet and use the following winter.


If the head of the shoulder is a coat or jacket of wool, even in this case it is appropriate to intervene with appropriate methods and materials to clean and store. In the first case we use the simple carbonated water if the stains are fresh, while in the case of the old ones you can use ammonia shall be swabbed with a cotton swab, and then dried with talcum powder before brushing to provide an accurate remove it and the stain. In this way we also eliminate halos issued from the same spot. As for storage, you should always wash dry before you store it in tightly closed with cellophane tape, and prevent the accumulation of dust mites are always present in the home.

Finally, we talk about the third part of the shoulder is also in common use and which can be found both in the jacket that jacket. For a good cleaning, especially in the presence of spots, should be used tetrachloride, dabbing the stain with batting, then simply use a cloth soaked in water. The Hydroelectricity is the most suitable product, as used by the industry for its leather tanning. The maintenance of a proper outerwear of this type, involving the use of plastic bags sealed with the addition of paper bags containing silicon, which prevents the formation of mold due to moisture.