Have you always wondered who those beautiful hands, these feet, legs or those that appear in many advertising? It is not generally famous faces, because their work is not based on his face. These models and models specializing in body parts, which are called in the U.S. more incisively, Parts model. It a very interesting topic: it means that to become a model is not mandatory to have the perfect face and body like Gisele Bundchen. And possible to focus on one part of your body. So, if you’ve ever thought about having beautiful hands, or a lovely neck, or legs-up, which could be an opportunity for interesting work.

Becoming a model, where you can find many useful tips to consider basic. Now here’s the guide to become models for a body part. starting point before starting is necessary to focus on “instruments” fundamental, without which one can not realistically groped this way. To begin with, of course, you have to have the right body part. Is it okay to have high self-esteem, but in this case you have to be realistic and inflexible with themselves, otherwise it just goes to meet disappointment. Not enough to have, for example, nice legs: You must have legs stellar ! The positive thing is that, compared to the traditional models, one must not worry about the physical characteristics outside of the body part on which it is decided to work. Want to be a model for the hands? Nobody cares if you have perfect legs!


Like the traditional models, you need a book. It will take a series of photos that show their best qualities, or rather the best qualities of the body part on which this. The book is an essential working tool for any model. Find here all the precautions and directions to get one properly. The second step is to get an agent, without which it is very difficult to move around in an environment that you do not know. The agent serves as a link between the model and its potential employers. Obviously it is not mandatory to have an agent if you are a beginner. We need to start with a little of apprenticeship and experience. As a start, you can move by themselves responding to the many ads on the Internet. Of course, you should always keep your eyes open and be careful.

To present the best it is necessary to demonstrate reliability and decision, observe precisely the indications and show that you have a clear idea of what you want to do. No information in vague or unsolicited. This really is a bit for any job. In general, the completed applications in a chaotic or incomplete or that disregard the instructions given are directly discarded. The great thing is to find an agent as soon as possible interested in us and that can provide a series of works. But if we do not succeed immediately should not lose hope: you can very well carry on its business as a freelance and work with casting agencies, or participate in online casting. In fact, thanks to the web opportunities for models without an agent, however, are many.