A “model” is a “model”: they are simply synonyms (“model” in English). Its services to meet a need for aesthetics, identification or communication to all sectors. Regardless of gender or age of the person (man, woman or child), regardless of its reputation and the frequency of such activity (occasionally as professionally) simply have been hired to parade or for the presentation of the image with a visual or audio to be considered as a model. There are in France more than 15,000 individuals who meet the definition of “model” as provided by the Act and this number is constantly increasing.


An amateur has an activity for fun and derives no income. The modeling has become an activity that can also perform as a hobby for fun or as a real therapy to cope with the complex. Models looking to start modeling without becoming professionals can apply to amateur photographers often looking for new faces for their personal projects: the notion of exchange “time for installation” or “pose against drawing” implies then common interest. Benefits (organization of photo shoots and retouching) professional photographers are also available to the public by many photo sites and social networks. At the slightest remuneration paid to model, occasional or not, we’re talking about professional: it must then be used by a contract (through an agency or directly by a client) because attention to undeclared work which involves many risk to the model and its interests! To know that any customer who receives a benefit modeling supports risk offenses (illegal work, image rights, legal compliance).


Section 2: “Is regarded as carrying on modeling any person who is responsible is present to the public, directly or indirectly by reproducing its image on any visual or audiovisual product, service or advertising, or pose as a model, with or without subsequent use of his image, even if this activity is exerted only occasionally “This means that it is not necessary to be a supermodel to be considered as a model in the eyes of the law with all contractual consequences that implies.