One of the things that many men struggle with is finding evening attire that suits their style. All too often men find that suits look too formal for them and they don’t feel comfortable in it. When you don’t feel comfortable, it shows. Your entire demeanor will tell people that you are feeling insecure about what you’re wearing. Wearing a suit might look great on some people. When it is on a person that doesn’t feel comfortable, though, it will always look bad. Rather than trying to force yourself into wearing something that you don’t like, look into ways to make the look suit you.

There are many ways in which you can tailor evening attire to suit your personal style. With a few touches and changes, you can create a look that will make you feel great, whilst also looking incredible. Forget buying a full suit that makes you feel like you are over-dressed for any occasion. Instead, buy some special formal pieces that will ensure you are ready for both casual and formal events. Here is the modern man’s guide to stunning evening wear.


Finding the right shirt

Finding the right shirt can do wonders for your look. The worst thing that men can do is wear a shirt that is ill-fitting. When a shirt is too big and baggy, it looks messy. Often people buy large shirts because they are conscious about their body. Instead, make sure that you invest money in buying a shirt that suits your body style. Often you won’t find fitted shirts in high-street stores. See a specialist tailor who can take your measurements and ensure you buy a shirt that suits your body style. Having a shirt that fits you well will mean that you look amazing no matter what else you’re wearing.

Button down collars

One thing that will help your shirt look smart, regardless of how long you spend getting dressed, is a button down collar. When you don’t have time to iron your shirt and press your clothing, this small feature will make a world of difference. There is nothing worse than seeing the corners of a collar turning up when someone is wearing a shirt. That will make you look messy and like a slob. Luckily, button down collars are in fashion at the moment. That means that no matter what, the corners of your collar will stay down.

Finding the right balance

Finding the right balance between casual and formal attire is tricky. If you feel over-dressed, you will never feel comfortable. In the same respect, you don’t want to turn up to a formal event and look too casual. The best thing you can do is pair casual items, such as boat shoes, with formal wear, such as plain shirts. Doing so will mean that you are ready for any occasion and that you can transition from day to night with ease.

Chinos rather than suits

Skinny chinos are an ideal alternative to suit trousers. If you don’t want to wear a full black suit, opt for chinos instead. Chinos are perfect as they strike a balance between formal and casual wear. Opt for brown or beige chinos as they will suit any look. In the daytime, you can pair chinos with a plain t-shirt from a chilled-out look. When the night comes, change your t-shirt for a formal shirt to make the look more suitable for evening events. Make sure that you buy a quality pair of trousers that will be easy to clean. Often people find the material hard to clean when they buy chinos. Look into cleaning tips online to help you out.

Getting quality material

It is vital that you find quality material to suit your outfit. When you buy fashion brands, it shows. Fashion clothing is always cheaper than formal wear. The problem is that when you wear fashion brands, the material is likely to break with ease. That could mean that you spend a fortune on replacing items. The best thing that you can do is buy quality material at the start. Doing so will mean that you can create a formal look that appears expensive rather than cheap.

Pinstripes vs. patterns

Pinstripes are a classic look that suit any outfit. In recent years, there has been a huge trend with pattern shirts in the high-street stores. Choosing between the two is difficult. The patterned shirts are ideal for less formal occasions and suit casual where. To take things up a notch, you should opt for a sleek pinstriped suit. Doing so will change the entire look of your outfit. Make sure that you choose pinstripes rather than stripes. Striped shirts look old-fashioned and won’t look stylish. Sleek, thin pinstripes are ideal for the modern man. Choose neutral colors, rather than bright and colorful shirts.

Choosing a tie for your outfit

Whether you wear a tie with formal attire is your decision. Many people don’t like to wear ties as they think it looks too formal. If that is the case, you should not wear a tie. If you do want to wear a tie, you should choose one that is neutral and not too flashy. Wearing a tie that has too many patterns or that is too colorful looks over the top. Instead, pick out thin, plain ties. Thinner ties look more stylish than thick ties. Make sure you invest a decent amount of money in a tie. People can tell when a tie is cheap.

Finding the right shoes

Forget wearing boring suit shoes. Instead, find a pair of shoes that will suit both formal and casual events. Boat shoes look great, but you might also want to look into getting a good pair of leather brogues to complete the look. Buy a pair of shoes that will last you many years. If you buy a leather pair, you can use leather polish to maintain the look of your shoes. Make sure that you are happy with the fit of the shoe. Too many people buy shoes that are not wide enough for their feet. Try one size larger than your usual shoe size and see whether that fits better.