The jeans is a leader who appeals to many. Versatile, comfortable and always on trend, it is definitely a garment that lacks neither in the closet of a man, nor in that of a woman. And to think that its origins are Italian, in fact Jean wants to say its blue of Genoa. So, how do you keep new jeans without losing the intense color, vibrant pigment? Just follow the simple steps, the special care that we will explain in the following guide.


The first tip, definitely the least complicated and most executable is to put them in the washing machine inside out, making sure to completely empty your pockets before (if any), as they tend to disintegrate objects, such as paper towels, in danger of taking away the color with the hairs that release. The cold temperatures are preferable, to climb up to a maximum of 30 degrees, and try not to get them too dirty before putting them to wash. We do not use aggressive detergents, for those delicate colors are fine.

If the damage has already been done, we can remedy that. For example, we can put the jeans that has lost its bright color, in the washing machine along with a new one (of the same color just purchased). At first wash, in general, any jeans settles a little ‘color, so going to revive the old couple. If, however, neither we nor any member of our family is planning to purchase a new jeans, we can always buy products that coloring our leader, available in all supermarkets. Alternatively, we can always take them to the laundry.

If the stains of mud, are our problem, the first step is not to try to scratch it off completely. In this way we risk discolor the offending part. A safe alternative is to put the jeans under the running tap water, and gently remove the excess dirt. In the meantime, fill a bowl with cold water, a cup of white vinegar, a bit of detergent for colored. Thirty minutes to soak, then we wash. Another little trick that we use, is not to put them to dry in the light of direct sunlight or near heat sources. With these little tips, our jeans, will retain their original color as does not happen, in the end, even a faded jeans can be fashionable!.