On average 6 months to 1 year to launch a modeling career. The beginnings are often difficult: little demand fault notoriety, little book provided many castings and not always rewarding, contracts need to accept modest wage low. Many career launches are made in reconciling these difficulties with education or another profession. You must earn the recognition of medium despite the lack of experience and failures. A model is supported by an agency or a relational network, it is the only one to draw his own success against each of its clients.

It is possible to become a model at any age :

* From 3 months to 4 years as a junior model
* 4 years to 16 years as a child mannequin
* 16 to 30 years as an adult manikin
* After 30 years as senior model


An advertising campaign, a hair show, a parade of designer make a living posing on photo shoots of exception, marching on the catwalk at the 4 corners of the world, trips stars in the business class suites the most beautiful hotels are the main happiness of Top Model. For this, it quickly becomes necessary to devote himself entirely to the profession to keep available and responsive to castings that are an integral part of business modeling. The daily model is punctuated by long waits, travel multiple castings challenging, diverse and multiple missions as requested by clients. Male mannequins demand is lower than that of their female counterparts. Chosen for their charisma, elegance, however they are essential on the catwalks of fashion designers and advertising.

The career of fashion models has a reputation for being short-lived (up to 30 years) with difficult working conditions and stressful. Wrinkles are often unwelcome and body naturally evolving according to age (height, weight, skin texture, wrinkles) it is a struggle every day to stay in the race. This makes it necessary to provide an evolution, for example, turning people into departments modeling agencies that cater to other sectors (mail, food, extras) or by specializing (details body, seniors). It is also possible to change profession, consider investing in retraining the saved capital to launch a project. Many former models however keep a direct link with the trade, becoming in turn photographers brokers for example.