The trick for Halloween in Fantasy style is very fashionable and is much appreciated by the younger girls who love to follow this trend. Making a Fantasy makeup style is not difficult and you do not need to do is unleash your imagination and maybe even take a cue from the most famous comic book or film. Always remember that to the Halloween make-up should be as theatrical and spooky as possible. No half measures: if you want to follow the spirit of party and if you want to be the most admired, the advice is to overdo it! If you have not chosen your special makeup for Halloween 2012, do not worry, because there are a lot of ideas to be recorded and also fairly easy to copy. If your look this year will be very original, a little ‘style Lady Gaga , the trick fantasy will no doubt be the best for you: let us see how to choose the right make up and how to make it in a few easy steps.


Fantasy makeup for Halloween, how to make

To make a Halloween trick surprise and chic in our photo gallery you will find makeup really sensational for Halloween, with bright colors and lively for all the girls who have decided to say “stop” to the typical disguise as a witch or that by Morticia Addams . Are disguises beautiful, sure, but perhaps a bit ‘too common and for this reason, you may want to opt for the most fun look, look in style fantasy , between the style of the alien and the pop star most eccentric and extravagant moment: in this to be able to really impress all your friends and your friends! With a little ‘practice, with a pair of endless sensualist false eyelashes, also love the star and with the right colors, even your look will be nothing short of amazing. The beauty of fantasy make-up is that you do not need to be very precise, especially if you want to achieve specific design. You simply choose the eye shadow and apply colored like a rainbow, completing everything with glitter and rhinestones and a colorful lipstick.