Media dangle a more or less flattering modeling career and show top models leading the life of a star. However, be a model rhyme he necessarily “Queen of podiums?” The reality is not so glamorous but often unjust clients and agencies receive many applications daily. Only Paris, about 5000 models are scrambling to enter contracts so it is not because a dummy pass an ad that recruiters will be shoving at his door. Despite the benefits of the profession, a good model is humility because it is not the center of the world, or a princess which one must deal constantly, and especially never to shed a retirement imminent (as in the stars, a small bit driver error come ruin everything: no one is immune to “burn”).

Loneliness is a common face the difficulties of trade, travel by public transport are many days are heavy castings are daily and to aspire to a career-launching. Beginnings are difficult, and often the first real pay (those who can live at least this activity) fail before a period of 6 months to 1 year on average. You should know that modeling is a real job that requires a lot of preparation (creation of the book, castings, fittings, rehearsals) for a show often short-lived. Forget social life if you aspire to become the business model because it is mostly really be determined (e) to adopt a dynamic and combative work.



In the world of modeling and acting, many children (3 months to 16 years) working in the entertainment world. Although some limits DDASS schedules and school obligations, restrictions do not take into account any pressure exerted on media or family child. While their classmates are in heedlessness, with the growing popularity of paparazzi working on behalf of the tabloids, the child stars lose their privacy and do not have the necessary perspective to make their own weapons and find their own balance . Suri Cruise, daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, begins at 16 months her modeling career for Baby Gap when she is just in its infancy. Meanwhile the couple’s baby pictures Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were sold at a price of $ 14 million to American magazines. It is possible to relativize regarding the modeling profession in France is not yet affected by this phenomenon.