The lipstick is the ultimate symbol of femininity and seduction. The fashion colors offers trendy for a perfect look : from the coffee cherry red color , the neutral colors, coral or fuchsia. The possibilities are many and choose the right lipstick becomes complicated. It is a matter of taste but also of technique and style . One should not only pay attention to color and texture, but also the quality of the components, the shape of the lips , the hair color and complexion.
Let’s talk about how to choose the right lipstick for you.

how to choose the right lipstick

The lipsticks of quality contain little nickel and small traces of lead. Should be avoided so the products with parabens, formaldehyde and perfume. The right cosmetic contains a filter sun protection, natural moisturizers and conforms to European standards. To choose the right lipstick , you have to know what effect to give lips . In the market, there are a disproportionate number of branded products, and price of each type. For teenagers, it is preferable to use the lip gloss for a look neutral and more carefree. They are creamy and easy to spread with the handy brush. In most moisturize and give volume. They are ideal for dry lips and thin.

For mature women, however, it is best to choose a lipstick in stick , with emollients by the protective lip. Typically, they are divided into pearly and opaque. The former tend to highlight the effects of time. The others, however, have an excellent anti-aging effect, hiding small lip wrinkles and contour. The lipsticks powder, similar to eye shadows, fit women of any age group. Simple to apply, will be soaked with water. Should be applied with a special brush supplied. Also, emphasize the strengths and cover the defects.

Finally, we have to choose the right lipstick according to the complexion, the lips and the hair color . Women with fair complexion, befitting the tone soft (peach and pink); while those with darker complexion, the warm colors like red , purple or brown. For thin lips is better to avoid the bright colors: emphasize the small flaws and enhance the mouth. So, you should choose more natural colors. Full lips require darker colors. Moreover, blondes are good in a nude look; the red with the warm colors of terracotta, peach and brown while the blackberries in plum, burgundy and dark red on brown.