To have a perfect look you need to choose the right accessories . One of the essential accessories is the purses that should not only be functional but must have a certain style . For every season there are the right models . As for clothing is essential to choose the right bag depending on the season.

In spring and summer the choice of the stock must move towards designer bags with fresh colors , from style carefree and beautiful colors. Widely used are the shopping bag that being large turn out to be quite roomy. They are generally made ​​of mesh, shiny plastic or fabric and are available with or without zip closure. This kind of bag will ensure the maximum comfort because it can be worn over the shoulder or by hand and their style will give you the style trendy that you do not want to give up.

If you prefer a retro style but always trendy, opt for a bag in straw . The market offers this kind of bag in different colors and patterns, pure straw or upholstered in fabric. The bag is really practical in outings or for a day at the beach since the size allow you to hold a beach towel. If your style is to the metropolitan right bag is the model hobo . It is a shoulder bag with inside pockets that perfectly matches a set aggressive and modern.


For the season, winter and autumn you will have to guide you towards the most classic shapes and colors in this period is the perfect size Medium leather. The size means you will never give up on having on hand all the necessary as your keys, wallet, mirror and tricks The choice of the type of skin varies according to the type of clothing and goes by the brushed suede bags are also available embellished with buckles, metal parts or prints monogrammed suit both younger women more mature.

For a night on the clutch is indispensable. The small accessory should strictly be carried by hand that has a zipper or snap. The functionality of this bag is purely aesthetic given that the reduced dimensions do not allow a large capacity . The trunk is par excellence the bag forever. In fabric or leather, with buckle closure or snap is the perfect bag for any type of outfit. Remember that it is always important to involve the right model for your clothing to keep an impeccable style.