Dressing up as a vampire is perfect theme for Halloween. If you are a woman and you want to cause, or at least be nice because you go to a disco, or a costume party, for the occasion, you can adapt this disguise “feminine” with a few simple moves, to be sexy and admired even for Halloween! Here is a simple guide on how to create a perfect look from “sexy vampire” for the scariest day of the year!


Since the costume is not only a vampire, but also “sexy”, get it from the protagonist are the clothes. Dominant colors to choose from should be black or red, and then you can choose a mini skirt accompanied by a top or a sexy vest , or a dress, which is also shorter than we can afford (both according to our physical, it is not to overdo it too!). The style should be as gothic as possible, to invoke the idea of the vampire . The shoes, strictly with the heel, must be black, in this case better not go on red, do not call for a more sexy diastole that a sexy vampire (whereas, as already said, a bit ‘of red on clothing there may be, the important thing is that there is however also the black, in each case). For the stockings I leave to you the choice is good because of all types (flesh-colored, black, black network … Choose them according to your tastes, not decisive for the purposes of the look that we are creating). Possibly, then, you should find a cloak, strictly black, with which not only will complete the look perfectly as a vampire, but you can also create sexy games visual style “I see – I do not see”, by covering and discovering there to your liking while converse , or even ballads (this will depend on your destination) during the night of Halloween .

The trick then plays a very important role to better understand who you are dressed as a vampire sexy, and not just in a sexy manner . If you do not want to color the entire face white (which would give a good idea of pallor typical of vampires), remember to make up very heavily black eye, as if to remind of dark circles (it is important to give an emaciated appearance to your look) , and rivulets of blood dripping from your lips, dyed with a red lipstick , red more like the blood that you can find.

Last, but not least, let’s talk accessories. Fundamentals are fake teeth: from time immemorial, are typical of the vampire costume! You can find them easily, especially in the days before Halloween, shops for toys, but also in large supermarkets or shopping centers, which often disconsolate a small space with the most common gadgets for the occasion (including fall surely these teeth vampire). You can then top it off at will with trinkets and stuff, the important thing is to remain always on the colors of black and red, and the dark style – Gothic