Women are always conscious of the latest trends dictated the fashion trying to look beautiful and suitable for every occasion. But sometimes to be fashionable and original enough a boss forever. Fashion passes, in fact, but the heads forever remain. What are the heads forever? Are those leaders who know how to resist the passage of time represents a major milestone in the fashion and iconic pieces. Pieces master key which alone they make a good impression and perfectly respond to the question that every woman makes desperate front of the cabinet open “what I I put it? “. What are they? Here is a guide that shows you the evergreen clothes you have in the closet.

All women should have a dress from the closet light fabric and bright colors like yellow, orange or green flag: It is a leader whose tendency was born many years ago and still is perfect for many occasions: for summer days, for an evening on the beach or a stroll downtown. Matched with ultra-flat sandals or heels. Another timeless dress is the floral dress that reaches to the knee. Ideal for weddings during the day, casual occasions or outdoor parties. Even the dress longer, which comes down to the feet, is an evergreen . Perfect for day, afternoon and evening it was still great fashion this summer season sort of floral print. Matched with flat sandals or wedges for the most special occasions.


Another leader who resisted from season to season, and this is always there ready to solve the most varied situations is the little black dress, the little black dress. It is considered an evergreen from a hundred years every woman must have in her closet . It is almost mandatory for every woman to have it. Chic, elegant, sexy, not vulgar, versatile, minimal, non-trivial, accessible: it is unique and perfect!. The shoe is to wear a cleavage with a black tip to have a look total black or red for a look of impact. To be kept in the closet, too, the version of red, white and blue. The red shift dress is perfect for attracting attention, white is ideal to highlight your tan during the hot season and the blue to always be stylish without having to wear the usual black. a further The suit is boss “required”, suitable for occasions more formal. Must have a length to the knee and should be sober colors like gray, beige, blue and black.

The lace dress is another dress that every woman should have. Perfect in black or black on white background. Donate now looked sober and even more romantic when paired with pearls. The key issue is, finally, a sexy outfit when she wants to show off all her femininity. Ideal is the so-called “bombshell” dress a little ‘along with a generous cleavage but sometimes also on the back .