For a trick there but not seen, and thereby provide the most natural, the foundation is perhaps the product that most of the other plays a fundamental role. The wrong tone it mean to get a bad result , given that the base upon which to apply the entire make up is already compromised. Here then are some useful tips on how to choose the right shade more than your skin type .

Remember first of all to avoid buying this specific cosmetic directly online , unless you have already used the product in the past. By ordering on the internet in fact you do not have the possibility to monitor the effective yield of the shade, the risk of any nasty surprises. It often happens that the colors of the photos of the items sold on the net are modified and you may be deceived. So better to go in perfumery, where you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the person of the testers made ​​available to customers.


Usually you test the foundation on the back of the hand, in reality this is not the best way to be sure it is the closest hue to their complexion. We must therefore distribute the cosmetic by the contour of the face up to even the neckline, trying to standardize the product evenly from the face. The aim is to create a result as natural as possible and avoid creating the ugly “mask effect”. So it is wrong to even test it on the neck, body part exposed to the gray areas that could even result in a lighter color.

For an easy choice , always start from the shade closest to your complexion and begin to try is the lighter version which is the darkest. If possible, do not you stick to observe the foundation inside the store, but go outside and see if the shade is right with natural light. The ideal would also be expected that the foundation is is annoyed, since many products take on a different color when dry.

In every case, between the dark and the lighter variant is always preferable to opt for the latter, so as not to burden the makeup excessively. Also, remember to choose a different shade depending on the season: in summer, in fact the tan makes your skin more amber since winter, so during the summer season will require a darker shade.