And here’s a special occasion and important that the trick is really essential. I do not know how to apply make-up to the first date with your future boyfriend? Rely on something not too heavy but on a bright makeup, simple, striking, that highlights your strengths. Making a good impression is crucial, for this reason pay attention both to make up that outfit to wear. My advice is do not you dare do that too but the makeup and the clothes reflect yourself in every sense. This guide is also excellent for those looking for a soul mate, not to be unprepared ever find! Best of luck!

The first thing to do is, as always, moisturize your face with a moisturizer. When the cream is absorbed, spread the liquid foundation or mineral one if you have oily skin, or a BB cream if you want a more natural effect. If you want a little product coverage and have a cool effect, you can mix a drop of your daily moisturizer with a little ‘liquid foundation. Cover the orange circles with a concealer. The latter should be neither too dry, because dry up the eye area, not too creamy otherwise would evaporate during the day. For creamy products I recommend you use synthetic bristle brushes.


Now, set all products with a translucent powder. Let’s move on eye make-up: with a gradient brush, roll on the upper eyelid a creamy gray eyeshadow . In the upper and lower inner rim of the eye, put a little ‘black pencil. Now secure the latter by applying a little ‘ black eye shadow matte . With a dark gray eyeshadow , darken the hairline of the lashes. The final touch for the eyes: abundant black mascara. However, remember to bend your lashes with an eyelash curler.

Before moving to his lips, to have a more salutary effect applied a hint of rosy blush on the cheekbones Do not forget to perfect your eyebrows, especially if you have little or if they are not very thick, and fill in the blanks using an eyebrow pencil a tone lighter than your natural color and then combed with a special comb. We conclude the make up with a cold red lipstick , apply it with your fingers for a more natural effect To prevent smudging, lightweight and secure the lipstick applied to the lips closed with a handkerchief and a brush put a little ‘of powder.