The oily skin is one of the imperfections of the skin most hated by women around the world. often appears in adolescence, disappearing after a few years. In other less fortunate cases, the condition persists and becomes chronic, resulting in some cases in more serious situations. Oily skin appears shiny and irregular at the sight. It presents pores dilated common, points blacks and greasy areas. To combat this imperfection is necessary to learn to recognize and treat it with the right detergent and a soap specially formulated for oily skin, to avoid the problem worse.


The most effective method to recognize your type of skin is to test the tissue . The test is to press on the areas to test a tissue make up for a few seconds. If you notice any back light looking greasy areas (the tissue has become transparent) our skin is oily. The first step is to avoid products ill-suited to our skin type. Very often the cream for normal skin or worse, shoals, are too heavy, they can not soak and do nothing but make the problem worse. The specific soaps for oily skin have a drying power, do not contain oils or balms and just after using skin give the impression of “pulling”. This is because the greasier areas were dried by agents of the soap .

The soap is the one recommended by dermatologists to sulfur, which has a high cleansing power. The sulfur acts on the sebaceous glands, blocking the secretion of sebum and closing the pores of the skin. Because of its high power astringent, may be too high for everyday use. In case of combination skin or sensitive skin, it would be ideal to use in conjunction with a light moisturizer specifically for oily skin. Aleppo soap is all the more light, closes the pores and, if used consistently, it helps to get rid of the hated points blacks . Even Marseille soap may constitute a valuable ally of the skins shiny, thanks to its ability to balance the natural pH of the skin. Can also be used by the most sensitive skin, morning and evening, without causing any kind of problem.