For those who have an experienced hand, the make up can define more clearly the appearance of our face. Create play of colors and combinations is great fun, but if you are not real makeup artists will be better to avoid making certain mistakes. Accompaniments and product choices may seem attractive and shiny appearance, but instead a whole can have a whole other yield. In this guide, we simplify in a few steps how to avoid some mistakes and will try to make you the junior make up artist!


Abounding with makeup on your face is the first thing to be avoided because it will make unnatural and too flashy. Always remember that the first rule of make- up is: the trick is there but you can not see! It is not recommended to put the pencil on the lower part of the eye just because they tend to drool and ruin the whole makeup making you look like a sad mask! The tricks brilliantine and glitter eye shadows are out. This does not mean that we compromise on brightness. A good way to illuminate your face is to apply the powder all over light slightly iridescent effect on the face, neck and cleavage. Gradient only the outside of the eye lashes both above and below. Pat on the length of the nose and cheekbones a bit of glimmer (a polished product, similar to the gloss, but suitable for the face).

Before going to blush, it is preferable to choose a foundation similar to the natural color of your skin and not too dark. In a second step, apply a pink blush on the colors to make the skin and ethereal moon. Do not forget that even the neck must have the same color of the face otherwise you will notice the “break” between your skin and your makeup natural color. Decide which part of the face should be wearing makeup: eyes or mouth! It is the best way to avoid encumbering the eyes and concentrate on the part that you like!

The lip liner is not binding! Serve to delimit the boundaries but not all ports are suitable. Apply outline your smile so pronounced, especially if the color of the pencil is darker than your lips making you vulgar. To give an outline effect with “I do not see” the past pencil on the rest of the lips! And finally, one last tip is the use of mascara. Proceed hanging from to the tip of the lashes to lengthen your lashes and improve the look! Have fun!.