The keyword for a make up suitable work environment is simplicity which is a simple trick , simple, natural, but that manages to brighten the look advantage of its features. A make-up designed for people who may go to the office, they have needs particular for example the makeup lasts all day to appear always impeccable. Putting on makeup to go to work, it has never been so easy!

To achieve this make up you use all natural colors: brown, gray, pink, colors that they have a brownish undertone on the finish. spreadable It starts with a moisturizer all over your face with your hands, to even out the complexion and blending well down towards the neck. Now apply the foundation and concealer on dark circles, eyelids, on any redness. The foundation , better fluid, and use a kabuki brush: it has a curved shape that is specially designed to allow the texture of the foundation to blend in perfectly with the skin, giving an absolutely natural and rediscovering the brightness of the face.


To the eye it starts with the apply on the eyelid old rose, leaving the inner corner and blend the color over the entire eyelid. In the inner corner of the eyelid apply a color light gold and even slightly below it, now with a brush pen you take the darker brown to apply it on the crease of the eyelid, going inward and mandolin. Above, with a wider section, applies a different shade of brown fading always. To lengthen the look you can bring light gold eyebrow arch. A pencil brown is applied to the upper eyelid making it connect to the bottom and blend it slightly outward. Done this you apply mascara to both upper and lower lashes to thicken your lashes, giving volume to the eyes.

For the face, apply a blush always a shade of old rose slightly glittery, focusing on the right below the cheekbone making the circles and then pull out, fading in both the cheekbones with a brush on your lips apply a pencil very natural, on light brown, doing a stretch often enough, fix the pencil with a powder fixative , taking away any residue with a clean brush.As a pink beige lipstick natural opaque a gloss make up With this you can show off your proud smile every time!