Tips for reducing wrinkles by natural means. Masks homemade products. How to prevent aging skin care in the sun.

The lines are the result of the process of aging . With age, cell division slows, causing the network of elastin, collagen fibers, the degree of humidity, etc. that keep the skin tone, decrease in quality and quantity, which makes loosening the tissue resulting in depressions on the surface. This is known as a anti wrinkle.

There comes a time in the life of the woman or the man, but in a higher percentage of women, it ceases to be beautiful because her face has changed over time, regular moisturizers (anti- wrinkles) are not enough to erase the wrinkles of the face. Wrinkles arise, surprisingly without realizing and it is best apart from accepting it as part of life, using age-appropriate cosmetics and all natural products that our grandmothers have always used because they had no products for this.

Tips to avoid wrinkles on our skin

· The first thing we must not forget is to clean the skin every day with a cream and tonic to do well with your skin type, better if possible at night, to remove all contamination and impurities that your skin has taken over rest all day so clean and we thank each morning.


· We have to bear in mind that the sun is one of the biggest enemies of our skin, anti aging, stain and even worse can lead to skin cancer. We must protect it with high protection cream. In summer it is appropriate that we use moisturizer bring some sun protection.

· Facial Exercise will help prevent wrinkles and even to disguise, in this link you can see some of the exercises to keep your face without wrinkles or conceal.

· Stress, alcohol , the snuff and poor diet greatly influences the aging of the skin, should be avoided as far as possible.

Home tricks to eliminate or prevent wrinkles

· To reduce eye wrinkles can apply oil avocado oil or almond . Just a spoonful of oil both small enough to prevent wrinkles around the eyes. Apply oil at night after cleansing the face around the eyes can leave it on overnight and remove in the morning with wet cotton.

· Vitamin C contributes synthesis collagen , improving skin sagging. Eating carrots, grapes, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables with strong antioxidant capacity, avoid fatty foods, by slowing skin aging.

· Honey Mask: need 1 tablespoon honey, 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Mix all ingredients. Apply one coat and let it dry, apply a second coat and let it dry, and a third layer. Once we have applied the third layer, wait 20 minutes and rinse well. Apply this mask 1 time a week for about two months. Repeat the treatment after three months.

Laser treatment for wrinkles disappear

When he or natural cosmetic products are available or laser treatment and radio frequency therapy, two different methods of treatment of choice. Also distinguish between the treatment of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid and wrinkles Boto x. With modern technology that will eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin by laser treatment or radio frequency wrinkles are removed leaving the skin smooth again.