Who says you have to spend absurd figures for the beauty products? Is it okay to buy what we need, but keep in mind that the most useful measures of beauty are totally free!

What is the best price for a beauty product? euro Zero! Seriously, there are undoubtedly more or less expensive products that can make a difference to our look, but you can gain in beauty without spending a penny. Did you know that putting an extra pillow helps to reduce the swelling on the eye area? If you wish to spend only a few cents, you can keep in the fridge the classic cucumber: two slices cold for five minutes work miracles (alternatively, also bags of chamomile tea or used). Posture Having good posture is not only good for health, but it helps us to look more graceful, feminine and definitely more streamlined. We can rehearse at home with the classic book balanced on their heads!

The ponytail there okay? It is not said. In fact gives almost all of them, but we must find the right position so as to enhance the structure of our face, according to some is the perfect spot where the cheekbone crosses the area of the ear. Micro massage to remedy the tired skin enough only two minutes massaged with his knuckles under the eyes and on the cheeks, in the evening, after cleaning the skin with the cleanser and apply moisturizer.


Face masks DIY Impure skin blame of points blacks and pimples may lie, paradoxically, in the care of hair. We must be careful to always rinse the conditioner thoroughly by his body as well as the hair, and keep styling products away from the skin of the face. Hands and feet roughness and calluses on hands and feet can be cured thanks to an efficient free product: pumice stone, you can pick up on the beach, keep it in a bag and then use it throughout the year.

Scalp Massage Massaging the scalp briefly awake when we just put us in a positive mood to the day that is beginning and will help us get into shape our hair. Rinse your face in the morning I do not ever wash your face with water that is too hot or too cold, always opt for the best average temperatures.