Whether you’re just after a suit to go on holiday with or you’re a keen swimmer who needs some new swimwear it is nice to know that you do have options. Over recent years there has been a massive increase in the amount of plus size clothing that is available on the market and plus size swimwear is no exception.

As a lady with a curvier figure it can be hard to know what is going to be best for you to wear when it comes to swimwear, just because there are so many choices.

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Which Plus Size Bathing Suits Are Best For Me?

This really depends on personal preference and what you most like to wear. Generally speaking you want a swimsuit that is going to give you enough support to be comfortable all day. There are plenty of plus size bathing suits with built in bras as an option, so this can often be the best choice. Make sure you pay attention to size guides when you buy a suit, because you want to make sure you buy something that fits well. The swimsuit should be tight to your body and perhaps a little awkward to put on, as this will give you the most support.

There are different plus size bathing suits out there that are designed to help flatter problem areas. So for example if you don’t like your stomach then you can wear a high waisted bikini which can help to disguise this. If you prefer not to show your thighs then you can go for more of a swim dress style which will cover this area too.

If you can then try a few different plus size bathing suits and choose one or two that you like – because this will mean that you choose the one you feel most confident wearing, which is often the best way to make sure you look good.