Weekly column fashion. Finally it seems that time give us a chance and you can go to the beach. But what to wear?

The weather forecast promising. After so much suffering the cold and rain and a wind blowing from the infinite, it is time to focus and over into the summer season. ‘s time to go to the beach! lucky few have already had and taken full advantage of this opportunity: enjoy bit of sun, sea breeze, the sound of the sea in the background. Music. Now, it seems, the time has come for many to take this opportunity and taste a piece of summer. But what to wear? Obviously if you go to the beach wearing the swimsuit, depending on the preferred style, color and fantasy. But then you know what to wear on? What accessories to choose to be on top? Discover with us the two looks of the week, one made ​​with the bikini and the other with one-piece swimsuit.

The first look I thought the bikini for you expected. It is a model coordinated of last collection for H & M. To it I have chosen to combine a practical sun black asymmetrical which I paired the sandals, a straw bag, a hat to protect yourself from the sun and some jewelery comfortable and practical, without excesses. Of course, the trick you can forget it . In its place, a good sunscreen very high.



This second look is designed for those who choose to wear on the beach one-piece swimsuit. This is a very basic model but it does not diminish the figure. The cups, in fact, maintain and manage to create a very sensual and sinuous. Over a long dress in gray cotton, soft and comfortable, wedge shoes and sparkling accessories.

* Swimsuit black with cups and thin straps – Prism Chateau
* Long dress in gray cotton – HM
* Espadrilles Wedge rope – J.Crew
* Straw bag with fuchsia colored handles – Miss Naory
* Sunglasses blacks – Guess
* Prism Necklace – With Love From CA 3D
* fuchsia hat with a wide brim – Lalo Olive
* Solar protection 30 – Nivea
* Shower Gel Oil – Nivea