Are you ready? They’re coming the summer sales in 2014, the best time to indulge in some little whim. True, the crisis has not given way to spend and spend like a long time, but this is definitely the right time to grab something that we have long pointed but, for one reason or another, we could not buy. The 50% is the guaranteed minimum, if the percentage is lower than forget it, wait a few weeks at most, so that the list price will come down a little bit. Fate purchases and just before you buy all what you need closely: a little black dress, a pair of jeans, a few t-shirts, shoes and bags that you need to face life everyday. Having said that, we turn to our selection, the captive of these balances summer sale. As always we provide you with a small list, then it’s up to you to choose what you want, what you like and that it is worth buying.


Let’s start from the top and then we can not help but offer crop tops and t-shirts . The former are decidedly trendy, like especially to the very young and when paired with skirts or high-waisted pants make an outfit very cool. The t-shirts are simple T-shirts that you can buy when you see fit, but trust me that you can achieve the look with these wonderful and friendly, especially if you choose those with sentences or drawings ironic.

Among the clothes, however, prefer the jumpsuit, the cute rompers so trendy, but try them first because they do not give their all. Or choose maxi dress to address the hot summer but colorful. As far as the lower part of our advice is to focus on the skirts. There are all kinds but the ones that you should definitely prefer are those of medium length and long ones down to the feet.

Bags ? Of course you do and that they are the ones that you really need to and that offer good value for money. If you are looking for something tasty dare decorated with a backpack, you will not regret. Same thing we’ve done for the bags is also true for shoes . If you are looking for something trendy do not miss the pump with medium heel sneakers and printed with patterns to be missed. The jewels are always important, without them your look will never be complete. For this you should make a leap in the stores that sell them and select earrings full of light and stone bracelets and necklaces and oversized.