You do not know which to choose bikini for summer 2013 Then try with pin up style ones that reflect the fashion of the 50s.

When summer approaches there is nothing to do but take the swimsuit and prepare for the fateful test. First of all, you pull out of the closet last year than the previous season, to see if they are still good, and if they can still go in front of the mirror effect is desired. Bikinis, swimsuits and trikini, everything to prove , control, and probably something to be redone.

Though all the costumes we have are good and there are still good, the desire to buy at least one trend is so, it is great and it belongs to all. But if you do not know well what is the coolest style this summer, how about try the bikini style in the 50s ? Over 50s fashion made ​​her the pin up , beautiful women with the forms they loved enhance their strengths. The piece above was usually represented by a band with molded cups with underwire or on which they were often added and the wide straps to tie behind the neck. regard for the bottom instead, slip, or rather the culotte, was high waist, just below the navel. Some of the brand specialized in fashionable beachwear we brought great choice in fashion 50s. Let’s find out what are the coolest bikini pin up.


Within the collection 2013 Calzedonia are many models with a high waist. The panties are characterized by pleating and draping, so that the fettuccine belly are well hidden. Many of them are also too high. In conjunction with the brand offers us the band.

Goldenpoint also offers us several choices. Among these are several embroidered bikini, some characterized by patterns tunnel and slip-skirt, and a few others in total white fantasy-style marinara which was great trend in that period.

Asos offers us a great rich collection of patterns inspired by the pin up. Coordinated with the beautiful wrapping band, with cups and straps tied behind the neck. The panties are various, ranging from high-waisted to those shriveled, much more sensual.

Pin Up Stars is a brand that also offers many bikini 50s. The beautiful yellow band combined with the maxi briefs ton secure ton. Victoria’s Secret instead always points on mini models, but among them there are some bands and panties that are based completely fashionable pin up.