Are you sick and tired of wearing boring outfits? Do you wish you could look like one of those women in fashion magazines? In fashion magazines, you’ll find all kinds of styles. There’s the simplistic ‘scandi’ styles, edgy grunge styles, colourful quirky styles, and so many more. However, although many of these styles look perfectly thrown together, hours of thought probably went into them. Here’s how you can look quirky and unique with your clothes, just like the outfits in fashion magazines:Outfit Look

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Wear Unexpected Accessories

I love quirky, unexpected accessories. There are a million and one things you can do with your jewellery to make it look unique. Wearing spooky rings with a girly outfit is one idea, and vice versa. Vintage jewellery adds a gorgeous touch to any look too. In fact, I highly recommend vintage shopping to find unique pieces that nobody else will have.

Make One Garment Your Focal Point

If you want to stand out, make one quirky garment your focal point. For example, this could be your coat, top, or trousers. Whichever is the brightest and loudest item should be your focal point. The rest of your outfit should be kept fairly neutral to show it off.

Start Layering

Layering is a great way to add interest to an outfit. You can layer all kinds of pieces: shorts and tights, short sleeved tops with long sleeved tops, open shirts, thin and thick jackets, you name it. Fashion experts love this tip! All you need to do is use your imagination. Try on different pieces that you wouldn’t usually wear together and see what you come up with. You might be surprised!

Mix Patterns

Mixing patterns is a great trend too, but you need to have the confidence to pull it off. In theory, any mixture of patterns and colours could work. However, I find it looks best when the colours contrast, or the patterns are similar. For example, you could wear a yellow leopard print top, with a grey coloured leopard print skirt. Although you’re wearing different colours, because of the similarity in pattern, it will work. It won’t look too much either, if you have one shade much brighter than the other one.

Wear Multiple Textures

Textures are the key to an interesting, blog worthy outfit. Consider wearing faux leather, faux fur, floaty materials, and anything else you fancy to make your outfit look luxurious and professional.

Balance it Out

In some cases, you’ll need to work on balancing your outfits out so they don’t look too overwhelming. For example, you wouldn’t usually wear a baggy top with baggy trousers. It looks better if you pick one item to wear looser than the other, most of the time. You still want to show off your shape!

Try Styles From Different Eras

Styles from different eras can add a gorgeous edge to a look. For example, a brooch from the 1950s could look amazing when pinned on to your current denim jacket.

Fashion changes all of the time. The most important thing to remember is to be yourself, and if you like it then you should wear it. Have fun!