Who said to be fashionable should be thin, tall and slender? Yes, unfortunately, the fashion scenario still too skinny women, but we all know that such a woman is not the one we represent. No need to have a perfect body to dress the way we want. If you have a few extra pounds you are concerned, you will find some fashion tips for plus size women that will come in handy. You can see beautiful, stylish, sexy and fashionable, regardless of your weight.

Become friends with your image. The first and most important is that you accept yourself as you are. If you criticize all the time, no look will seem fine. As I have said several times, in the fashion it is essential to feel comfortable with ourselves : if you are comfortable with yourself, you can use whatever you want. Look at the details. A garment with a nice cut quality fabrics or score points in any outfit. Befriend black color, which makes us look thinner and stylized. Every woman should have a little black dress in her closet.


Dare to color. Yes, black is a great ally in fashion, but always dress this color can be very boring and depressing. Avail ourselves of the energy need of the colors! Obviously, do not have to dress in all colors and look like a rainbow, but a colored garment “up” the look. Jack accessories. A cute pair of earrings in our ears completely changes the image of our face. Also a necklace or bracelet are details that add up. Varies hairstyles. give us a different hairstyle every day is a good way to vary our style. Test and decides which hairstyle you feel better.

Displays shoulder. the shirts with bare shoulders are very sexy. Cheer up! Dare to shoes with heel. do not have to resort to the dreaded stiletto heel of 15 cm, but a reasonable heel will help you see more slender, tall and sure of yourself. If you want more fashion tips for plus size women, make one click here. In this article we show you some tricks that will teach you how to look thinner by the clothes.