If you are a biker woman, although beginners, you probably want to appear as such. This means that, along with a great bike, you also need the appropriate wardrobe. Find biker clothes for a woman is not a difficult task. There are many, in fact, women who love the road and the freedom of riding a motorcycle, just as there are many people who like the same things. The houses of clothing they realize this and know how to meet the needs of a biker, especially with regard to fashion . If you are looking for clothes to suit you, here are some tips that will tell you how to dress in biker style, in the clearest possible manner .


Buy leather garments. You will need a jacket, a pair of boots, a belt, a pair of pants tight leather, and most importantly, a biker jacket leather. You better be all black, but also a nice warm red is fine. Do yourself a tattoo (or two or three). The biker tattoos are sexy only on men, so tentative to show everyone that you are the real bikers. The most common tattoos biker includes thorny roses, hearts skewered by a sword, and of course, motorcycles. Another issue is the very popular pin-up style.

Dye your hair if you are not already blonde with a classic bandana with the American flag printed. Create a hairstyle that is well below the handkerchief and helmet, but that does not come off when you take from them. Bring along your comb and hair spray in your purse for touch-ups when removes your helmet. Wear dark sunglasses that are not only fresh, but also functional. Long days on the bike can become a threat to the eyes, and a pair of dark glasses protect you from the sun, insects and wind, and it will prevent your makeup coming off.

Put big silver rings, leather bracelets, belt buckles Harley and nails red. Crowned it all with a big bubble gum, and you’re transformed into the quintessential woman biker. Remember that clothing should be as close as possible, and more inches of skin will be able to show, the better. It is always better to cover your legs with a pair of tight leather pants, but a skimpy top is a perfect way to show off your tan biker.