Why pose nude? Certainly, the remuneration is attractive, but is it possible to preserve its integrity and credibility after his body was photographed naked?Yes, it can even be an asset, provided you follow the four tips that we give you.

1. With a professional photographer. When you want to start your modeling career, you may be faced with unscrupulous photographers who will push you to remove clothing, then another, until you find yourself naked as a worm for what they call art. Not pose an apprentice model naked in compromising positions on a white background in a studio dirty, it is not art but exploitation. If a professional photographer looking for a model to do nude photos, it will tell you at the outset, will show his other achievements, he will ensure your agreement and you will not make obscene or compromising poses. In addition, you must absolutely ask to see the book made by the photographer whom you ask. This is important to ensure its reliability and professionalism. If you really want to pose nude, do not agree that the projects really artistic, relevant and reliable, as did Carla Bruni for Michel Comte in 1993.


2. Ensure that a contract between you and the photographer. Everyone remembers Valerie Begue, Miss France 2007 which saw without permission publish nude photos of her, particularly lewd across newspapers after winning his title. This is neither the first nor the last, nude pictures made while stars are still unknown and naive enough to trust a photographer malicious popping up all over the web.

3. In a school setting. Des Fine Arts design for small schools, teachers often seek models naked to allow students to better understand the contours of the body.
This job is often popular with students can earn between 7 and 14 euros an hour and sure to be in contact with responsible people who engage you in a real artistic referred.

4. Reserve naked in the arts, not agencies. It is strictly recommended to send pictures of naked agencies modeling . Some girls think it’s still the best way for a recruiter to get an idea of ​​their morphology, but this is not the case! Agencies seeking young women of distinction could convey a positive image of the designer clothes they wear, what is the place for a woman naked?

By following these four tips, you should be able to protect yourself from the devastating effects that can have a nude photo of poor quality on a career. Remember that a model must first work on its image and reputation be displayed on the stands or on the canvas completely naked in positions shocking and vulgar boast not only your professionalism.

You do not really know how to distinguish the true from the false? Here is a sample ad from serious obviously a professional: