The white shirt is a garment that every man should have in her wardrobe: it is a mat definable at every opportunity. It is suitable for a formal look to a casual drink with friends, leisure. you just have to know how to wear it right and combine as the occasion of use. And this is precisely the point: the white shirt, because it matched almost anything, may often be trivial if the look is not treated as a whole.

Formal outfits : If you are invited to a wedding reception, a formal dinner or an exclusive party the choice must necessarily fall on the dress. Having a basic white shirt, the dress can be black, dark gray or dark blue in this matching belt, black socks and shoes. The truly personal touch can be given the choice of tie and wallet pocket: the tie must stand out compared to the shirt, but always in harmony with the jacket and the clutch should never be the same color of the tie, but must return or a shade of that color, or if the tie is patterned, must return to the same color, or you can choose the white pouch which is always an element of elegance. An alternative to these elements may be the choice of a tie with small node if you want to focus on a more ironic look but especially if you’re over forties. In addition, for a truly refined, you can replace the clutch with a flower in his buttonhole, classic elegance element.


Casual Outfit : The classic combination is suitable for an informal white shirt and denim blue. If you are going to put the shirt in jeans, remember to put a belt, otherwise if the situation allows it better to keep it out. For the choice of shoes, however, we have a double opportunity: moccasins, for a classic touch, or sneakers, to give the look a sporty tone. In this case you can also choose to wrap your sleeves, obviously based on the occasion and the season. On the shirt you can also wear a sweater or a vest, and decide whether or not to use the tie. For a more trendy look, shirt and jeans can be paired with a bow tie, regardless of color and imagination, and a jacket. You will have one young style, staff and certainly not anonymous.

We must remember that : the shirt, like other clothes easily probabilistic, it is always worn ironed and unwrinkled summer always put careful to avoid any sweat stains, the white shirt by its nature is quite transparent and highly visible: so avoid clothing under his shirt, change it if you see specks that are immediately evident, and avoid unbutton too because as far as the style and the occasion will be casual, you risk not be suitable, if not wear a tie or a bow tie, you can decide to accessorize the look with a scarf or a scarf ascot, according to the occasions and also personal needs.