As the cold season to the door we have already begun to wear the so-called stub, or rather ankle boots , or those boots that end at the ankle, so fashionable in recent years. There are many types, in many materials, with high or low heel, sometimes with the plateau. But as you have to match? And how do you avoid that make legs look shorter?

The most elegant way to take them during the day is with a trouser cigarette, a non-contrasting color (gray, if the shoe is black for example) and a shirt. If you work in an office this outfit is perfect for all, because it will allow you to be fashionable without being overly flashy. To complete this, the logs most suitable ones are tall and narrow, or – depending on the model of the trousers – even those that reach the ankle .


If you work in a place with a casual dress code, another option is the skirt midi, or about the long skirt to mid-calf, and that the last year has regained its place on the catwalk. With the skirts are recommended always dark and opaque tights and ankle high and rather narrow.

A more casual look for the free time you get instead combining the ankle a pair of jeans medium fit , or better yet tight fit and a sweater a bit ‘rich. The maxi bag is obviously a must. In this case there are two types of logs combined: those high and wide and tall, narrow ones. The set is not recommended for those who is shapely, why not valorizzerebbe, highlighting the wrong places.

Even carpi pants (or even cropped) are combined with the logs, but only if you have a rather slender leg, because as I mentioned the socket – especially that which ends at the ankle bone – it tends to make it look like the shorter leg , and the line’s net cropped accentuates the trend.

For those who are younger and thinner with one leg remains open also the option leggings, provided, however, that the sides are covered with a mini-dress or a long sweater, otherwise you can say goodbye to taste. This outfit is obviously also suitable for disco.

The socket can be used in contexts more elegant, choosing the right one: those ups and calf-hugging, and the more men are to be discarded, an option could be the ones who come under the ankle bone. However, accurately matching the fabric and the color of the dress the model of the shoe.