Copy sin? Absolutely not! Take a cue from the looks of the stars that we like and customize it’s fun and sometimes relive a piece of clothing or an accessory that maybe we had “forgotten” in the closet. During the winter it is good to cover, to prevent illness, so we use the scarf to keep us warm and as glamorous accessory to wear for every occasion: depending on the fabric and how it is carried can be a great ally of our look. Lets take a look at how the stars of the moment carry the scarf, for you 5 different ways to wear .

The beautiful Jessica Alba is a fanatic of scarves, if you wear them every day if and when the door to walk his two daughters, had by her husband Cash Warren, that when shopping for shops. In this photo we see as he faces the last Christmas shopping with a decidedly sporty look but very nice. Gray skinny jeans, ankle boots high-heeled, black jersey asymmetrical, nail studded scarf and a tube of black wool. The convenience of these scarves tube, very fashionable, is that you can keep your neck wrapped with more turns, or dropped softly as if they were a long necklace sweater.


To copy! Jennifer Lopez is a woman overactive never stops, it will be that’s why he opted for this look extravagant composed tracksuit red coral, red Hermes Birkin bag and Gucci scarf with fringe and fur around his neck? Ah, yes, the diva sunglasses worn at night complete the outfit. Certainly comfortable and original, but perhaps a bit ‘risky even for a Latin beauty like her. Take inspiration only in part: a scarf with fringe is well connected easily to the front, which falls in a deliberately casual. The classic there never tired? That you can not follow the example of royal Kate Middleton, that leaving hospital after his small problems with the pregnancy, sports a big smile and a look good ton.

Next to caring husband William, the Duchess of Cambridge wears a short gray coat blue, knee-high boots in the same color and a soft pashmina color sugar paper, in hand a delightful bouquet of yellow flowers that stands out on everything. Bringing scarf is a must, is particularly well if the scarf is not too long, so that it reaches above the waist line. Harry Potter has got hold of Anne Hathaway! The beautiful actress seems to copy the style from schoolboy nerd boy with the hair, thick-rimmed glasses, short coat black and red tartan scarf. It ‘s almost unrecognizable perhaps, until it frees his well-known smile and reveals all its beauty, hidden behind this strange look. Certainly has reason to be happy, after his marriage in secret with the beloved. tartan scarf and false collegial style do you like? Copied from Anne and wear the scarf inside the coat, you can see only from the neckline.

Eccentricity and color are the watchwords of the look of Gwen Stefani, accompanying their children to school and her husband Gavin Rossdale, wearing neutral colors on gray, brightened with a fluorescent orange scarf around his neck. Even the dog in her arms seems a bit confused to see her, but why not dare occasionally? scarf a vibrant color and contrast with the rest of the look definitely requires lightness and conviction is fine if brought wrapped around his neck, as precise spot of color, highlighting the face, which will be rigged with discretion and care.