The fashion show is an event that lasts a maximum of 15 or 20 minutes, the lights, the models parade, the designer comes out to collect the applause and then it all ends. A sudden and ephemeral thing, if you think that behind it there is a painstaking task that lasts for months. Even you, in your little one, you can make a fashion show, maybe to entertain with friends or to present your work as a seamstress. Here are some tips.

If you want to spend an afternoon or an evening different with your friends, you can organize with them a fashion show , maybe after doing shopping together, to confront and see how you are the leaders just purchased. Choose first of all, that may be the home of one of you, keep in mind that the room can be the most spacious but intimate at the same time: for example, you can opt for a sitting area, and if it is hot outside you can feel , in the garden or on the terrace, if it is big enough.


Without resorting to platforms and complicate things, you can simply place the sofa and / or armchairs or more of the chairs in a row, in order to create a path where each of you will go with her ​​dress and a carpet in the middle to act as a catwalk. On a table by then you put up a snack or brunch or even an aperitif, in short, depends Now from choice for the event: drinks, snacks, sweet and / or savory, also according to your tastes and those of your friends. You can also choose a soundtrack, it will not be difficult with a stereo put on a little ‘music.

Will be the moment of the fashion show itself, each of you will come out of a screen or a curtain or a door and will make its catwalk. To make it more fun, you can also organize a kind of competition where it is voted look more beautiful or more original and at the end the winner can take home the chiefs who used to dressing, for example.

If you make the seamstress as a hobby or even for work, you can think of organizing a fashion show to raise awareness of your creations, in which case you can extend it to other people, even to friends of friends or your customers by sending the invitations via sms or e-mail. Call some friends or relatives who may be your models at home or at your lab (if you have one), otherwise it creates the banquet or exhibition prepares mannequins complete with tags with prices.

If it is successful you can even think of doing two shows a year: autumn-winter and spring-summer. Once the event will be consolidated, word of mouth among the participants will help to increase the customer base and maybe one day you can not really put on a real show, like in the big international brands!