Not all bags are equal, some are true icons of style. Discover the it bag more fashion for Spring / Summer 2013.

Being the fashion is not only wear the right clothes, the right color, this year, just to remember, is the emerald green . Being fashionable is to wear chic accessories, the most desired and loved. Usually these accessories on the catwalk and then we see them in the windows are the ones preferred by fashion bloggers, by the stars and by professionals. Do you know what are the trendiest bags of this season? If you are not yet aware, this article will reveal the it bag Spring / Summer 2013 .

Directly from the new collection of Alexander McQueen handbag comes perforated and made ​​of black paint. Practical, comfortable and roomy but also rather expensive for a bag that shows all its content! Stella McCartney is known for his philosophy that provides the absolute ban on any type of skin and fur, so it is rather strange to find that his bag it is the Bailey Boo Bag, a model with python print.


Blaze the adorable bag Burberry Prorsum , practically a doctor model made ​​of vinyl with leather trim python. And while Armani point on the trunk extended, sober and antiseptic, perfect for the day, Prada chooses the short-handled shopping bag with flowers maxi contrast. Dolce & Gabbana Dolce offer the bag, sparkling in its stripes trimmed with crochet.

There is Louis Vuitton appeal. His is the folder, a retro-style handbag made ​​of leather and painted gold trim. Fendi continues on its way, offering yet the 2Jours bag, it’s already winter. too cute the Sweet Charity bag Christian Subroutine , a concentration of lines, bows and studs.

Clean and simple, but still beautiful, Lucrezia bag Givenchy , carried by hand or over the shoulder, while Gucci offers the Bright Bit, a purse in patent leather with antiqued terminal. There is also the Piper Lux Furla, including the it bag of the season, but also perforated discreet.

From Valentino find the cute clutch PVC and studs, Bally offers the Papillon bag in calfskin bag while Ferdie is the norm at Ferraro . Floral patterns for Jimmy Choo , which offers its Multilateral bag in python and Dior instead proposes his Fortissimo, a handbag and leather charms. Chanel charms fashionistas with the quilted bag with handles round. Too cute the Vanity box Valencia, looks like a real beauty case, while by Moschino Cheap & Chic find a pineapple: the Big Pineapple bag.