A fashion show is the moment of the presentation to the public of the activity of each brand of the fashion industry, where creativity, elegance and technology combine to fully express the philosophy of the designers. Organize fashion shows involves a complex operation whose effective realization requires good skills of management autonomy .

The first stage concerns the definition of the economic aspects of the work team. The work team is essential, as a fashion show involves in the production process, for various reasons, many workers, who must be able to interact with each other. A good organizer has the specific task of choosing the workers who will make up the teams we provide more certainty and to ensure, in the event that any employee performs their job with precision and accuracy. So it is necessary to establish the date of the event, with an advance that I can have time to plan the parade. The next step is the definition of the budget, according to their ability to pay, taking into account external inputs such as those of the sponsors, whose number and prestige would also provide added value for the parade.


The next step is the definition of the physical characteristics of the event. The luxury, style and trends in the industry are factors that must be placed in prominence both in parades collective covering several designers who in the presentation of collections of a single designer or emerging artists. Therefore, the choice of location will be made ​​depending on the setting style of the collection, but also of noble character who wishes the parade, the relevant type of guests and the number of people who attend and participate in the overall production of the event. We must take into account, in addition, also spectacular and the overall dimensions of the spaces available for the “behind the scenes”. After the choice of location, will be made ​​a “casting” for the choice of models / e, which will be selected / and depending on the style of the collections that will be presented, as to enhance through the characteristics of the personnel involved in the parade.

The last stage is to promote the fashion show organizer will have to choose an advertising agency that knows how to give prominence to the event, preparing invitations and brochures and choosing the appropriate media through which to advertise. user should choose, in addition, a photo agency realize that the photo of the event, carefully assessing work already carried out by professionals who certify their experience and how they work. For the buffet that will conclude the day of the event, finally, the organizer must ensure a good catering service In summary, given the complexity of the event, the success of a fashion show depends essentially on the reliability and competence of the professionals involved, which must be able to perform its task in best possible way, in compliance with the business objectives and trying to get away from unexpected events.