What girly style is graceful and youthful, bubbly and naive. The final effect is that of a very natural, but behind it lies a careful preparation. This mood is making a comeback in recent years, accomplices the stylistic choices of many celebrities, mainly from the music world of cinema, like Katy Perry, Elle Fanning, Lana del Rey, Amanda Seyfried and Taylor Swift. Last on this list, but only for history, is that Meghan Trainor, for his music video for “All about that bass”, choose pastel colors, which suggest fantasies and nuances of confetti, cupcakes, lollipops. This style is suitable for girls up to about twenty-eight years. For older, more mature, better dosing. In this guide, I give you some advice to have a girly style throughout the year.


Color is essential: you choose fantasies small and delicate, pastel colors, details ironic. The fantasies indicated are small flowers on white or pastel, small polka dots, gingham, nautical stripes; the lace is perfect, colorful in the summer, darker in winter. The rule of inversion. If the bottom is a fantasy, the top have to be solid and vice versa. If the shirt leaves uncovered belly, better that accolade and cover the shoulders. Dose always accessories, prefer small earrings, necklaces and rings delicate little showy. Overlays bracelets are great during the day, but to be avoided in the evening, while a thin ankle bracelet is perfect for summer. Choose hair accessories like headbands, combs and barrettes with floral or flakes, bandanas and, in winter, stiff brim hats. Great choice of sunglasses (aviator and cat are perfect for the whole year, from spring you could also pick any with a heart shape or round, retro charm).

The girly style is easier in the summer. Select mini lengths, such as shorts or skirts, pleated or wheel and preferred lightweight fabrics and fluffy, like chiffon, or semi rigid. Your shorts matched a blouse or a blouse, also be tied at the waist. For skirts, if a high waist and flared, favored crop tops, T-shirts or tank tops. The clothes are perfect if slightly flared. For cooler days, choose denim jackets clear. For a context a little more formal, matching blazer in pastel colors. Choose ballerinas, slippers, sneakers or derby with a little sock in sight. Choose high shoes that are specific, focusing on a fantasy, unusual or delicate colors. To avoid wedging, which shorten the leg. To the sea, choose bikini with tie and without padding, which give an air fresher and youthful.

During the winter choose tight jeans, high-waisted trousers and leggings printed. Matching sweaters and sweatshirts with slogans and fantasies ironic. Find cut dresses preppy, with rounded collar, cut jackets defined, bomber and coats tight at the waist. Combined together in light colors or choose a combination of dark colors, preferably in fun prints. Used bags from rigid shape and color, trunks, boxy clutch or backpacks worn on one shoulder. Choose from wide heel ankle boots, shoes with straps over the instep or colored suede pumps. Matching socks or perforated Parisian have arrived just below or just above the knee.